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Dr. Paolo Scampa - 9 Tons Of Radiotoxic Isotopes Came Out Of Fukushima, Enough To Kill The Whole Human Race By Internal Radiation

Dr. Paolo Scampa - 9 Tons Of Radiotoxic Isotopes Came Out Of Fukushima, Enough To Kill The Whole Human Race By Internal Radiation

The greatest catastrophe in the world is NOT being reported on by the largest news media organizations, because if they did, it would spell the end of nuclear power, guaranteed. Over 9 tons of radiotoxic elements and isotopes came out of Fukushima via multiple reactor melt downs, multiple fuel pool fires and melt downs and the #3 explosion that blew MOX fuel out of this reactor.

Dr. Paolo Scampa estimated that Fukushima was effectively 28 times worse than Chernobyl, (which happened in 1986).. not counting the plutonium. This could still turn into a global life extinction event, and we will find out when the plutonium, uranium, strontium and other 'hot' particles that everyone breathed in have gone through their incubation period. 

Chernobyl Coverup And Denial Of 1.5 Million Casualties - Russian Academy Of Sciences; via @AGreenRoad

3 Million Children Require Treatment Because Of Chernobyl, Many Will Die Prematurely - 7 Million Total Victims - U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan; via @AGreenRoad

When the cancers and other 1,200 diseases arrive after the latency period expires, everyone will know the true extent of the Fukushima mega nuclear disaster. It took many years to figure out how many people Chernobyl radiation killed. But that killing will not stop, as it continues today and will continue on into the future for another 1 million years.

2014 - Fukushima Ocean Radiation Compared To Chernobyl and 2,400 Open Air Nuclear Bomb Tests; via @AGreenRoad

For the complete breakdown of the radioactive inventory, see the published study results below...Kevin Blanche is right.. PU is greater than GE. No matter what GE and the nuclear cabal does to cover this up, PU will win in a very dark and deadly way. Even the executives and nuclear 'experts' will be subject to the whims of PU. No one is 100% immune to what is coming soon. 

Radioactive Inventory Numbers

          …by Bob Nichols

(San Francisco) – Dr. Paolo Scampa, PhD, a well-known physicist in the European Union, has prepared a radioactive inventory of Fukushima Daiichi’s destroyed  nuclear power plants 500 days after the meltdown of three disemboweled, mangled reactors.
The violent extinction level event occurred March 11, 2011. The deadly meltdown and dispersion of radioactive fuel throughout the world is on-going to this day.
Because of the nature of long-lived and short-lived radioactivity, this summation of the radioactive Fukushima inventory is valid for many years. Dr. Scampa’s inventory is current as of Friday, June 29, 2012.
There are 1,946 radioactive products produced by nuclear weapons and atomic reactors according to the Oak Ridge Nuclear Weapons Lab in America.
Fifty-five are considered to be long-lived; 898 are considered to be short-lived but last more than eight days. These nine hundred fifty-three radioactive isotopes are included in this analysis.
Nine hundred ninety-three (993) radioactive isotopes are considered dangerous and undergo radioactive decay within eight days; they are not included in this analysis.
Dr Scampa’s article is available to French speakers and all who wish to review the original French here.
I am solely responsible for any and all translation errors.
FRIDAY, JUNE 29, 2012

New inventory of reactor fuels 1, 2 and 3 of Fukushima

… by Dr. Paolo Scampa, AIPRI

(European Union) - In light of the recent facts so testified of the medium rates of effective combustion (23.35 GwJ/t) and of enrichment (3.7%) of the reactors 1, 2, and 3 of Fukushima Daichi advanced by a team of Japanese nuclear physicists,  after numerous rough sketches of reduced numbers, AIPRI is finally in condition to present a realistic inventory of fission and activation products of the 257 tonnes (1) of fuel in the three eviscerated reactors at Fukushima Daiichi. (Radionuclide Release to Stagnant Water in Fukushima-1 Nuclear Power Plant. See below.)
Alas, contrary to our reductive conjectures from the past there are many more fission products and long-lasting activation products than we had all too optimistically imagined.
It is not 3.7 tonnes, but instead more than 6 tonnes of material that was subject to fission; it is no longer 2.1 tonnes, but 2.8 tonnes that have been activated into heavier radioactive elements. To our great regret, the potential content of long-lasting radiotoxicity is well above our original estimates.

The three melted reactors combined in Fukushima Daichi contained 257 tons of nuclear fuel enriched to 3.7% Uranium 235 and divided into 1,496 assemblies,  each about 172 kg.
Reactor No. 3 also housed 32 MOX assemblies, reportedly enriched to 6% or 330 kg of Pu239.
In addition, the storage pools of these reactors have at least 239 tonnes of fuel residing there for who knows how long (1,390 assemblies) and 31 tonnes of fresh fuel (180 assemblies).
At a total electrical capacity of 2,028 MWE (2), these reactors fissioning together, had a total fission of around 1.847E20 (3) atoms per second (≈ 0.0726 g) that is to say, 6.27 kg of material per day.  
The activity attained by a radioactive element in a fuel is found to be that number of fissioned atoms per second with a constant * the total product of fission of the element being considered * e(t -λ) the probability factor 1-e(t – λ) is 1 in the case of perfectly balanced elements. NB. t is the time spent in the reactor.
The day of the earthquake their fuel was consumed according to the article cited at an average of 23.35 GWd/t at a rate of 24.07 kg/t for a total of 6.186 tonnes of fuel fissioned.
The atoms of U235 only comprise a fraction of the fissioned atoms of these 6.186 tonnes. This led to the probable fission of around 3.46 tonnes of U235 (56%), 1.86 tonnes of Pu239 (30%), 0.49 tonnes of U238 (8%) and 0.37 tonnes of Pu241 (6%).
At the time of the accident, there remained around 3.14 tonnes of fission products of the 6.19 tonnes produced over the course of time.
This fuel as well harbored around another 2.84 tonnes of residual activation products (32 assemblies of Pu239 MOX fuel are not included here) over the 5.01 tonnes of activation products produced over time. At the moment of the emergency stop, about 1.1% of the fuel was comprised of activation products.
Overall, 9 tonnes of fuel was subjected to atomic fission or activation transformation occasioning a prodigious explosion of radioactivity and radiotoxicity which over time, is several times the amount needed to kill by internal contamination the whole human race.
K. Nishihara, et al., “Radionuclide release to Stagnant Water in Fukushima-1 Nuclear Power Plant,” Trans. At. Energy Soc, Japan, Vol 11 (1), pp 13 – 19, 2012 (in Japanese).

The atomic factory disemboweled and fanned out

For such a burn up of 23.35 GWd/t and such a mass as 257 tonnes of UOX the total radiological activity at shutdown is on the order of 29.14 billion Curies [Ci,]  that is 1.078E21(4) Bq of which 4.97 billion Ci (1.84E20 Bq) is released as gas.
At the shutdown the elements of less than one year half life, hold 99.33% of the radioactive activity and 65.32% of the radiotoxicity. The half-life elements of more than a year represent only 0.67% of the radioactivity but 34.68% of the radiotoxicity.
The most remarkable of the volatile elements (elements of which the boiling point is inferior to 1,500 degrees Centigrade and escape above all the first coriums). 37,921 PBq; 1 billion Ci; 18 billion potential inhaled lethal doses.
The official report of the Japanese government to the IAEA [International Atomic Energy Association] contains a hypothesis that the emanations of nuclear fuel from Fukushima Daiichi are equivalent to the ones observed at Chernobyl.
We can see by comparing the subsets of figures below that the radioactive particle emission through the air from Fukushima is not only 3.7 times higher than Chernobyl; but, more importantly, 28.3 times more radiotoxic with every breath you take.
Copyright 2012 by Bob Nichols, All Rights Reserved. Republishing allowed with all Sources and Notes included.
Sources and Notes.
“New inventory of reactor fuels 1, 2, & 3 of Fukushima,” by Dr Paolo Scampa, Jun 29, 2012, AIPRI Blog,
(1) “Tonnes” in the singular is defined as 1,000 kg. each and 2,200 lbs each.
(2) A single MWE is defined as One Million Watts of Electricity.
(3) The decimal equivalent of 1.847E20 is 184,700,000,000,000,000,000 atoms per second fissioned. The number is spoken as: one hundred eighty-four quintillion, seven hundred quadrillion.
(4) The decimal equivalent of 1.078E21 is 1,078,000,000,000,000,000,000 Bq. The number is spoken as: one sextillion, seventy-eight quintillion. One Curie is equal to 37 Billion Becquerels per second. One Becquerel is one atomic disintegration per second.
Dr Scampa’s first included spreadsheet from the AIPRI article. There are six total.
Spreadsheet No 1: AIPRI, Jun 2012
Fukushima Daichi
Rate of U enrichment235
tons of fuel
257 t
Nb assemblies
U235 t1496.
Pu239 (Mox enriched to 6 %)
Average Burnup GWd / t
23.35 GWd / t
kg per tonne fissioned
24.07 kg / t
Tonnes fissionnées by heart
Note. 1 GWd / t ≈ 1.0309 kg did. / T
≈ 172 kg per assembly
Spreadsheet No 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.:
Go to Dr Scampa’s original AIPRI Blog for the detailed spreadsheets Nos. 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. They are all here:


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Dr. Paolo Scampa - 9 Tons Of Radiotoxic Isotopes Came Out Of Fukushima, Enough To Kill The Whole Human Race By Internal Radiation; via @AGreenRoad

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  1. what point will we long?????

  2. Revelation 21:18...'he will destroy those who are destroying the earth' Matthew 5:5...'The meek shall inherit the earth.' Only Jehovah can make this earth pristine again. Note: Revelation 11:18 also says that God's Son will be king over this earth. We are on the brink of seeing this amazing change. Do not lose heart. Please go to for more encouragement. There is no other solution than what the Bible promises. I pray you find your way.

  3. For some reason there was a duplicate of my first I erased it and will add this hopeful thought: 'Let your Kingdom come, let your will take place on earth as in heaven...'-Matthew 6:9. Herein lies the promise that God will provide a rulership to benefit the whole world. This supports the promise in Revelation 11:18. I hope you find this encouraging. Please go to for more information on God's Kingdom. I hope you will all be okay.

  4. Awesome, just awesome. Screw prayer we need facts and actual data to be published so we can take appropriate actions to protect ourselves to the best of our abilities.We need to see what we can do as a human race to clean this mess up for our children and grand children. We made the mess we need to fix it.

    1. "We" need to embrace it, fear is what limits us. Fear is what we learn. We have now step into an age of light, Aquarius Age "The Golden Age" "The Return of Christ Consciousness" "The revelation aka Unveiling of something hidden". These are amazing times we are now living in. The radioisotopes are perminate for the next 30,000 years... It's Darwin all over again, some will survive, others will not. Rev 8:8 "The second angel sounded his trumpet, and something like a huge mountain, all ablaze, was thrown into the sea. A third of the sea turned into blood, 9 a third of the living creatures in the sea died, and a third of the ships were destroyed." Many other religions and belief systems have known this will happen long, long ago... Love yourself and others, stand your ground, stay in the present moment, embrace your future and journey well everyone.

  5. Chernobyl happened in 1986 soooooo unless I am a time traveller and it is now 2026...the data is flawed...which makes the rest suspect...Not false, but suspect.

    1. Well and good, Mr. Haase, but a nuclear "accident" is not something one shrugs off and walks away from without taking a good close and serious look at, right? The websites and blogs are full of shills, naysayers, psychos and possibly paid (nuke-loving or not), trolls who leave behind little of useful information, but only the berating of webmasters and their readers, often with pointless one-liners like yours. The world has been held hostage and in possible peril by a rather depraved and stupidly parochial right-wing Japanese hard-line/sabre rattling militaroid Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who kept the news of this horrendous situation and the bumbling efforts to "fix" it out of western media. He is unapologetic about his decidedly war-criminal family background, and in fact quite proud of it. But, frankly it looks like the U.S. is the one pulling the strings, and calling the shots for which the Japanese people are blamed in blogs on the subject. I'm just sayin'. Unfortunately I do not doubt that I can find here in the Bay Area untested Pacific Ocean-caught fish, would you eat it???? Nuclear is death.

  6. As hard as all this is (which it IS and will no doubt get harder) it is my belief Humanity is going through a period of Gestation before a new Transformation can occur. Hopefully when the Time comes, more will side with Reason and less with Insane Choices derived from Greed and Corruption. For now we spin inwardly like pupae making a chrysalis before the butterfly can finally emerge. If this seems Biblical, New Age or whatever, I didn't create these conditions. I heartily agree with Laurie Cordeil that these are Amazing Times. For now what is Awful seems to becoming more Awful, as in the Tragedy That Is Fukishima. We have had other Tragedies for things Nuclear but honestly this time it cannot be ignored, even though as you said it Is largely Being Ignored by the Media and Governmental Agencies. Clearly they don't want Change to actually happen; let's keep the Status Quo happy etc. ad nauseum by keeping the populace ignorant. Consciousness being What It Is --if you can't see it, it ain't happening, eh? Nevertheless, positive Thinking does help. What i am looking forward to Is Positive Progressive Thinking wherein actual Facts of What Is Necessary for a Healthy Planet can no longer be Ignored so then we finally can get to the Next Level. Likely though this will take several decades. Think of it as a Great Challenge Humanity will hopefully rise to.

  7. So glad you posted this information on Fukishima. The Government and Media keep ignoring the obvious. Nuclear Radiation from Fukishima is affecting us all. No bones about it! Thing is that it is a wake up call. Not the only one of course, nor is it the last. No doubt things will get worse before John and Mary Q. Public rises up and decides finally that Greed and Corruption are no longer acceptable Rulers over the Care of the World and its precious cargo: The Future. This may take at least 6 or 10 years (if not more) however. Meanwhile the causes of discontent build. The writers suggesting we think more positively are correct. It is however a Sin to bury your head in the Sand if not downright Foolishness when a Fire is coming! A big part of positivity to to take positive Action to Change what is Unhealthy and Unlivable. Not just for Us but also for Humanity's Future Generations, not to speak of casting a caring eye for all our fellow Creatures on the Planet.


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